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Golf Policies

Golf Car Rules
  • Protect the beauty of the course.
  • Do not annoy other golfers.
  • Driving on the fairways in a scattered or random pattern is permitted and encouraged. However, when the temperature is hot or when the course is extremely wet, use the rough whenever possible.
  • Do not drive in other car tracks.
  • Do not drive between greens and adjacent bunkers.
  • Do not drive on slopes of tees and greens.
  • The Golf Professional, Golf Course Superintendent or representative of the Golf and Greens Committee may restrict the use of cars at any time.
  • Violators of “Car Rules” may be denied the privilege of using cars.

In order to increase the pleasure of those playing the course, golfers are urged to comply with the fundamental rules of golf etiquette. Some of the more important rules are:
  • Please keep up with the group ahead.
  • Players completing the 18th Hole and continuing do not have preference and must wait for available starting time.
  • Players should smooth footprints in bunkers and avoid climbing on the side of bunkers.
  • Please replace divots in fairways and rough and repair ball marks on the greens.
  • The Slow Play Policy will be enforced by the Golf Committee. Members are responsible for the pace of play of their guests. 4 hours 15 Minutes is recommended for a group of four players.
  • Players must not practice chipping or pitching on the putting green.
  • Golf Shop Staff and Caddies should be treated courteously.

Dress Code

Proper golf attire is required. Men: Must wear collared shirts with sleeves at all times. Shirt tail out is inappropriate attire. Trousers or Bermuda length shorts must be worn. Tank tops, T-shirts, cut-offs, athletic wear (of any kind), jeans (or the like), cargo shorts or pants, denim, bathing suits, athletic or tennis shorts are not permitted. Ladies: Must wear appropriate golf shirts (tops). Dresses, skirts, and golf shorts of appropriate length may be worn (mini-skirts are not permitted). Slacks and Capri pants are acceptable. Halter tops, T-shirts, jeans (or the like), cut-offs, denim, athletic wear (of any kind) shorts, aerobic (Yoga or Pilates) or tennis shorts are not permitted.  

Cell Phone Policy

Use of cell phones, pagers, personal digital assistants (PDAs) or other electronic communication devices is not permitted on Club property other than in an automobile in the parking lot and in the locker area of the Men's and Ladies' Locker Rooms.